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Our Company


Stefano Mancinelli’s vineyards and olive groves are cultivated on the sweet hills of Morro d’Alba, about 10 km from the sea, in the province of Ancona, in a particularly suited area of the inland of Marche region.

Our winery’s surface, of about 60 hectares of land as well as 25 hectares of vineyards specialized in the production of DOC wines from which Lacrima di Morro d’Alba D.O.C. and Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi D.O.C. Classico are produced, typical of the area.

A particular excellence of the winery is represented by the distillation plant, the first one in our region, from which we obtain Grappa di Lacrima and Grappa di Verdicchio in various forms and types by distilling fresh pomace from our cellar.


In order to improve the quality of our wine production, the quantity of grapes produced is limited both during the dry pruning phase and with a thinning of the fruit at the time of veraison and the harvest is always carried out in several steps.

Processing is limited exclusively to products obtained in the company and uses basic traditional methods supported by modern equipment.
The main objective of the Mancinelli company is always the research of quality and the exaltation of the typicality of the products, through the care and the selection of the production in the field and the updating of the transformation techniques.

High quality products marked by the indissoluble link with the area and able to combine tradition and technological innovation in the cellar, in the oil mill and in the distillery.

Museo Mancinelli

Our company is quite young, but there has always been an interest related to viticulture, winemaking and construction of cellar equipment in the family.

We wanted to collect what objects and memories have come down to us here.

Not only work tools but also tools of common use that give us an idea of what life was like in the past.

Some can make us smile, whereas others make us appreciate the comforts of today even more compared to the certainly heavier and more tiring life of our grandparents.