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Genetic Certification

The need to trace the origin and authenticity of an agri-food product is an emerging need of the consumer and an imperative working method for the producer. The main difficulty lies in being able to identify one feature of the product that has the property of tracing it uniquely from the raw material to the finished product.


When Stefano Mancinelli decided in 2003 to involve Bioesis analysis laboratory specialized in DNA research to analyze and certify, with technical accuracy, that the product obtained by the company is made exclusively with Lacrima grapes. DNA, in fact, can be used as invisible for the identification of a product. The system has been successfully applied on wine samples belonging to the production of Lacrima di Morro d’Alba D.O.C. of Azienda Agricola Stefano Mancinelli.


Since 2003 it has been proven that the genetic profile obtained perfectly overlaps with the typical one of the Lacrima cultivar; therefore, Stefano Mancinelli’s Lacrima di Morro d’Alba wine is produced by using only and exclusively Lacrima grapes.